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New Law Changes July 28, 2019
SB5600         HB1440       HB1462   



New Law Change September 30, 2018:
Source of Income

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RCW 43.31.605.

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LLA Next Dinner Meeting September 18, 2019 (3rd Wednesday). Don’t miss out, learning in our meetings not the court room.   Come ask questions. See the Calendar or recent posts for more information. Don’t miss out.
Non Members are charged 150.00 per class. View the Calendar for more information or call the office. See you there. Don’t miss out. There will be door prizes. These classes are free to our members. Join today, call the LLA office to join or join at the meeting. Please RSVP. See you all there.       Look what you will learn! Why would you want to miss out? 


  • Please RSVP.  Join in on being an informed landlord/housing provider. Why sit out. Come network, come join, come ask questions and come learn. We all want you too. Learn in our meetings not the court room.

Come learn in our meetings, not the courtroom. Our fifth meeting of the year May 15, 2019 was amazing. Wow, what a turnout. Our members do what is right. Speaker: Arne Wodard, with the Spokane Valley City Council. Keeping us up to date on the Spokane Valley. Speaker: Point Pest Control, ants and bugs. Speaker: Tyler Vinson, founder of,  how to pay less taxes. We had great door prizes Sponsored by Tyler Vinson founder of, and Lund Carpet Cleaning. Thank you.

A special Thank you to Daniel Klemme with Goodwill working for the Homeless Veterans program.

What did you learn? Did you win the door prize? Did you attend our meeting? Are you a member? Don’t miss out. Become a member, come learn in our meetings, not the courtroom. Next meeting  September 18, 2019 (3rd Wednesday)  Landlord Dinner Meeting. Members only or non-members pay 150.00 per class. Come join us for our sixth meeting of the year (2019).  

    Crime Free Rental Property Program (CFRP) Learn more: Click to learn more:


Safety. Think safety at all times. We are having safety articles for our landlords/housing providers in our Rental Review and all meetings will have Safety tips for you. Don’t miss out on “Safety”.

“If you are not a member, join today with over 700 others and become part of one of the largest landlord associations in Washington State. Or, if you are already a member and wish to renew, please complete the new or renewal membership online application.

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Forms and Books

As a member, you have ready access to professional rental contracts and leases, notices, and other forms needed to protect your legal rights and financial interests. All forms are in compliance with the Revised Code of Washington (RCWs) and updated annually. They are multi-part, court-ready, self-carbon forms ready for use. Phone, fax, and email requests receive immediate return service by Priority Mail.



The LLA is committed to raising the professional standards of landlording and property management. There are regular classes and educational presentations on a wide variety of subjects at monthly gatherings, whether they are dinner meetings, classroom sessions, workshops, seminars, or other events.

Membership Packet

Upon joining the LLA, new members receive, at no extra cost, a membership packet. It includes copies of our 40 forms and notices, the Washington State Residential Rental Laws book, the LLA Handbook, landlord training materials, and a variety of resource and referral information of real interest to landlords.

The LLA Mentor Program

Experienced landlords are available by phone or in person at our gatherings for brief consultations when questions or problems arise. Hard-won information is shared firsthand from member-to-member at no cost.


The Rental Review is our associations regular magazine. It is published six times annually and has up-to-the-minute articles of interest about landlord issues, property management, financial matters, asset protection strategies, collecting money owed by tenants, background screening, eviction issues and other information absolutely necessary for those in the rental or property management business.


The LLA has monthly meetings or classes from September through May, plus other educational and social gatherings to share experiences, ask questions of the experts, meet others with the same interests, find mentors, or be a mentor to others in the rental business. There are usually financial, legal and other professionals from whom to seek advice, support and information at these functions.

Legislative Representation

The LLA Board and dedicated LLA members monitor, research, testify, champion and testify on behalf of landlord issues for the LLA membership. They have taken the time to be trained and are committed to build relationships with legislators and local elected officials to make certain property management and landlord concerns are addressed personally by frontline, on-the-ground landlords and property managers.

The LLA Witness Program

Volunteer member landlords are ready to be a third-party verifier if you have damage or clean-up issues or a suspected abandonment you may need to establish in court.

Officers and Directors

Officers and Directors volunteer their time, talents and experience to be of service to you. Seven Board members are landlords or property managers and work hard to keep the association running smoothly, manage the finances to keep membership dues as low as possible, conduct fundraising, review the forms on an annual basis, monitor legislation that affects our members.