With your membership in LLA, you have the benefit of a competent group of officers who are experienced and familiar with procedures and methods by which to mobilize resources necessary to reach our association’s goals. The LLA officers and directors serve without pay and are elected at the association’s annual meetings.

There are many services and benefits of becoming a member of the LLA!

Membership Packet

Upon joining the LLA, new members receive, at no extra cost, a membership packet. It includes copies of our 40+ forms and notices, the Washington State Residential Rental Laws book, the LLA Handbook, landlord training materials, and a variety of resource and referral information of real interest to landlords.

Thank you for your interest in the Landlord Association of the Inland Northwest.

The LLA is here to help you with your rental properties in any way possible. In an effort to assist you we offer the following membership servies and benefits:


Membership Packet

Upon joining LLA, each member receives a membership packet worth $50.00 that includes each of our 38 legal forms and notices; Washington State Residential Rental Laws book; LLA Handbook; Legal Plan Information and referral; the LLA By-Laws; Screening Company referrals; and the latest edition of the Rental Review Newsletter. The LLA is a non-profit group in existence for over 40 years working together to increase residential property values through participation, education and legislation. Committee participation by all Association members is invited and encouraged! That’s how we work!


Forms and Books

As a member, you have ready access to professional rental contracts and leases, notices, and other forms needed to protect your legal rights and financial interests. All forms are in compliance with the Revised Code of Washington (RCWs) and updated annually. They are multi-part, court-ready, self-carbon forms ready for use. Phone, fax, and email requests receive immediate return service by Priority Mail.


The LLA Legal Plan

 The legal plan includes reduced fees for professional attorney services with some.



The LLA is committed to raising the professional standards of landlording and property management. 


The LLA Mentor Program

Experienced landlords are available by phone or in person at our gatherings for brief consultations when questions or problems arise. Hard-won information is shared firsthand from member-to-member at no cost.



The Rental Review is our associations regular magazine. It is published six times annually. Has articles of interest about landlord issues, property management, background screening, eviction issues and other information absolutely necessary for those in the rental or property management business.



The LLA has monthly meetings from September through May, ask questions of the experts, meet others with the same interests, find mentors, or be a mentor to others in the rental business. There are usually financial, legal and other professionals from whom to seek advice, support and information at these functions.


Legislative Representation

The LLA Board and dedicated LLA members monitor, research, testify, champion and testify on behalf of landlord issues for the LLA membership. They have taken the time to be trained and are committed to build relationships with legislators and local elected officials to make certain property management and landlord concerns are addressed personally by frontline, on-the-ground landlords and property managers.


The LLA Witness Program

Volunteer member landlords are ready to be a third-party verifier if you have damage or clean-up issues or a suspected abandonment you may need to establish in court.


Officers and Directors

Officers and Directors volunteer their time, talents and experience to be of service to you. Seven Board members are landlords or property managers and work hard to keep the association running smoothly, manage the finances to keep membership dues as low as possible, review the forms on an annual basis, monitor legislation that affects our members.

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