Frequently Asked Questions

How do I serve Pay or Vacate Notices to my tenants?

As a landlord, there will always be times you will need to give notices to your tenants. It could be just a 48-Hr Notice of Intent to Enter so you can perform repairs, change the battery in the smoke detector, or to check for leaks. It could be a posting that could lead to eviction. This is one topic that is a MUST KNOW for each and every landlord, and the details are very important. Cutting class on this subject could lead to serious time delays and added costs.

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What are some reasons that a landlord may legally reject an applicant?

Unsatisfactory references from landlords, employers and/or personal references. These could include reports of repeated disturbance of their neighbors’ peaceful enjoyment of their homes; reports of gambling, prostitution, drug dealing or drug manufacturing damage to the property beyond normal wear and tear, reports of violence or threats to landlords or neighbors; allowing people not listed on the lease or rental agreement to live in the properly, failure to give proper notice when vacating the property, or a landlord who would not rent to them again.

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Why are on-site inspections required at all?

The changes in the Fair Credit Reporting Act go back about a decade when identity theft began to become more than just an occasional occurrence and more of an epidemic. An identity thief could sell hundreds or even thousands of identities in only a few hours. Hacking into business computers was always the preferred method, but information could also be obtained by breaking into small businesses, doctors’ and dentists’ office, and apartment management and landlord offices. These places were storehouses of large numbers of names, addresses, financial and credit information, and life histories or job or rental application. Even mothers’ maiden names and educational histories could be had with little effort from files at these locations. This all added up to being able to pretend to be persons with good credit, allowing them to obtain credit cards and lines of credit under the names of those persons.

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If I check references myself, why should I also use a professional screening company?

A landlord’s rental property is a valuable asset and protecting that asset is the primary reason for screening potential new tenants. With the US economy still struggling after the housing market collapse four years ago, a new trend has formed in people renting houses and apartments as opposed to purchasing them. Also, many have been forced to rent due to a foreclosure and their credit may be questionable. This shift has created more business for landlords. Conducting background screens in today’s economy is an absolute necessity for landlords to help them find the best possible applicants to fill their vacancy needs.

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