Attorney General’s, Office Citing Bad Landlord Practices

April 24, 2020 | NEWS

  • Attorney General’s, Office Citing Bad Landlord Practices
  •             Recently two Washington State landlords have been cited for bad practices.
  • The first, in Tacoma, the landlord is being sued for tenant harassment based on his actions of excessive sending/posting of reminders of the late rent obligations; for contacting the tenant’s employer regarding his employment status; for attempting to get involved in rental assistance activity on behalf of their tenant; and for failing to rescind late fees charges and interest on past due rents.
  •             The second, a landlord in Spokane Country, was cautioned against posting 48-hour notices to inspect his properties.  A tenant considered such notification as harassment and so notified the AG’s Office.  The AG’s Office stated that any 48-hour notice to inspect property must include a statement that this request is being made for the safety and well-being of the tenant.  Without this qualification, the notice is considered as tenant harassment during this time of the Governor’s moratorium/proclamations.
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