• Be sure to read/understand before signing any paper work.
  • Catholic Charities CARES 2 Funding Outline for Rental Assistance
    Explanation of funding:

  • • Up to 4 months of assistance to pay missed rent between April 1 – October 1, 2020, payable to the landlord in the
    amount of 80% of the unpaid amount due.

  • • Must be connected to financial hardship or loss of income (including self-employment) due to COVID-19, with selfcertification accepted.

  • • Each housing unit must be located in the City of Spokane, and the W9 and Parcel must indicate an address within
    the Spokane city limits.

  • • Lease agreement, or rental agreement and W9 documentation required.

  • Accessing funding:

  • • Residents of the City of Spokane are to call 509-325-5005 and make an appointment with a CCEW HFCA/Diversion

  • • If no one answers, leave a voice mail message with name and phone number. The call will be returned by the next
    working day. NOTE: Hours of operation Monday – Thursday.

  • • Clients will be given a phone appointment with a HFCA/Diversion Specialist. The HFCA/Diversion Specialist will assist
    clients with filling out the forms, speaking to the landlord, and explaining the funding and the process. All required
    documents can be mailed, emailed and faxed to/from the HFCA/Diversion Specialist.

  • • During COVID, we are not doing face-to-face appointments.

  • • Once everything is received and reviewed by management, the HFCA/Diversion Specialist will notify the client and
    the landlord of the funding approval.

  • Landlords Information:

  • • Landlords must waive tenant late fees and other penalties; not pursue eviction for 6 months after receiving this
    assistance except for specified causes such as failure to pay rent which becomes due after October 1, 2020.

  • • Provide tenants with additional time to pay the remaining 20% of the rent past due this funding does not cover.

  • • Release, in writing, any tenant rent obligation for months covered by the program; and certify that landlord’s participation in the program is voluntary.

  • Any questions???? Please call 509-325-5005
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