December 6, 2017
Minimize tax obligation and maximize profits with investment real estate. When/Where? Click on the link: Flyer  or click to:   December 6, 2017.



About the Event


I was recently a featured speaker at the Inland Northwest Landlord Association meeting and the turnout was totally spectacular that we decided to hold this event because so many questions were left unanswered in the limited time we had.  So, Easyapartmentsell is holding an exclusive event featuring  top-level tax accountant, Tom Robinson of Butler, Robinson & Associates, PA’s, CPAs, to talk tax strategy regarding investment property and to answer the questions that we were not able to in the other live events!


This is truly an amazing opportunity to have a real estate investment property specialist grill an expert CPA on real estate tax strategies. This event will be packed with 60 minutes of expert education and then followed by 30 minutes live Q&A where YOU, as a property owner or industry professional, will have the chance, IN PERSON, to get questions answered and strategies stress-tested .


As a reminder, this event is totally free and and we will also provide elegant desserts and beverages to show our gratitude for your attendance! Please visit or call 509-258-5009 to reserve your spot today! We sure would love the chance to meet with you! Please, feel free to reach out to me with any questions in the meantime!


Thanks so much,

Tyler Vinson

CEO & Founder