Request for Upcoming Vacancies,

Fairchild AFB will be notifying Airmen on the 11th of October that they will be required to vacate our dorms and seek housing off-base during the months of October and November.   We will be providing them a listing of all known vacancies.  If you will have vacancies available during that time frame and would like for us to add your apartments to the provided list, please submit the following information NLT 12:00 on the 11th of October to Mr. Robert Mueller ( :

  • Bdrms/baths/available date/rental amount/other fees, deposits, etc. (other required costs)
  • If you have no availability, replies indicating that status are desirable and encouraged. These replies let us know you’ve received our request for vacancy and that the lines of communication are still open and working.
  • Please Cc Mr. Robert Mueller whose address is in the Cc block above.

This will be the last time I will be sending this request letter out to you as this is my final day on the job as the Housing Assistance Program Manager. Mr. Mueller will fill in the gap until the new replacement comes up to speed and assumes the duties.

I’m retiring after 24 years of active duty and 17 year of working with the Department of Defense in the Civil Engineering Squadron here at Fairchild. It has been a pleasure associating with your group of professionals.


Thank you.


Robert Thompson



Robert W. Thompson, GS-9

Housing Assistance Program Manager

Contracting Officer Representative (COR)


Comm. Ph.:(509)247-5185

DSN 657-5185