November 21, 2018 Dinner Meeting

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LOCATION; ALL CLASSES HELD AT Timber Creek Grill & Buffet,

6 To 8 PM

9211 E. Montgomery (Argonne Plaza), SPOKANE, WA Approx. $15.00 at the door includes dinner, beverage and tax, Beer, Wine, Tip Extra


Speakers for November 21, 2018 Dinner Meeting

Chris Bourassa CPA and Tyler Vinson, explaining what we should be doing for our taxes. Legally minimize your tax obligation with my rental portfolio. Come ask questions

John Kapelac with Country Financial, detailing out what is going on with insurance companies and renters insurance.ARE CHANGES IN THE INSURANCE MARKET PUTTING YOUR INVESTMENT PROPERTY AT RISK?
Industry Trends in 2018: What You Need to Know for the Future

Have you experienced…

✓ Increasing Premiums with no losses

✓ Surprise Underwriting Inspections

✓ Coverage Restrictions and Limitations

✓ Unexplained Audits and Improvement Requests

…then you’ve been affected by what insurance insiders call a hard market.
Join us for an insightful and engaging discussion about dramatically changing insurance trends affecting the commercial and investment property markets.
• Get industry inside information about changes to your insurance
• Learn how to take a more active, strategic approach to managing risk
• Avoid actions that can have a compounded negative impact on your long-term costs
You Are Invited to Attend
A CHANGING MARKET – The State of Property Insurance:
Economic and Demographic Impacts on the Property Insurance Industry
Wednesday, November 21st at 5:00PM
Presented By
John Kapelac, LUTCF, FSS, NAIFA

Steve Corker LLA President: Informing us about the Spokane City Council and what ordinances are possible being passed or reviewed and more.

Don Johnson with Stanley Steemer

What does it take to be Safe? What do you do?

Don’t miss out.