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2018 LLA LAW CLASSES FOR LANDLORDS “Successful Landlording” RSVP 
Non Members are charged 160.00 a class


LOCATION; ALL CLASSES HELD AT Timber Creek Grill & Buffet,

9211 E. Montgomery (Argonne Plaza), SPOKANE, WA Approx. $15.00 at the door includes dinner, beverage and tax, Beer, Wine, Tip Extra

                                                                                    FREE PARKING                                                                                                                       

March 21, 2018, Wednesday – 6-8 pm. Landlord Law Part III. Using Social Media in Landlording, Roommate leases and problems, Medicinal Marijuana, Service Animals, Military deployment of tenants, and other topics of current concern.  Landlord attorney. Robert Rowley, Attorney at Law, P.S.

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