Click here for Proclamation 20-19.2 that extends the prohibition on evictions to August 1. The proclamation contains some additional language, highlighted in the attachment.

  1. Harm to property is added to permitted exceptions to the moratorium, “significant and immediate risk to the health, safety, or property of others created by the resident . . .described with particularity, and cannot be established on the basis of the resident’s own health condition or disability.” and
  2. 60 days Notice of intent the landlord to occupy the rental as primary residence, or
  3. 60 day notice of intent to sell
  4. Continue ban on collecting past due rent unless a payment plan has been offered and rejected or defaulted on by the tenant. See attached for payment plan letter, six months is considered reasonable for paying amounts due in installments.

Best Practices for Landlords:

  1. Make a chronological detailed list of events that satisfy the above criteria.
  2. Landlord and complaining tenants and neighbors must be able to give a signed declaration of first hand knowledge.
  3. Obtain police reports of all incidents at the property where police are called.
  4. Give every tenant who owes past due rent the attached payment plan notice.
  5. As small businesses, apply for the Payroll Protection Plan forgivable loans and SBA Emergency Disaster Injury Loans

Contact your attorney with any questions.