Dinner Meeting on Wednesday, September 20, 2017, 6-8 pm


Speakers: Come meet the Candidates running for Spokane City Council. We asked them all to our dinner meeting. Come with questions.

Speaker: Debbie Hamilton with Fletcher Financial Services Presenting:  Medicare and Retirement, This a must know when to sign up, Part A, Part B, and D. See the Article in the Rental Review come with Questions.

Chris Bourassa CPA with Omlin, Gunning, and Associates, P.S. and Alexander Scott LLA member, Topic: How to make your investments more profitable. Now that is one awesome topic. No one should miss out on the dinner meeting. Unless you already have all the money you need. This class is designed to put you in firm control of your finances with a focus on how to make a profit. Meetings at Timber Creek Grill & Buffet, 9211 E. Montgomery, Spokane, (Argonne Plaza).  Approx. $14.00 at the door includes dinner, beverage & tax. Beer, wine, and tip extra.  Guests welcome.




Landlord Association Rates Spokane City Council Candidates

      September 15, 2017

            Over the past two months members of your Board of Directors and representatives from the general membership developed and distributed a candidate questionnaire to all candidates running for Spokane’s City Council this fall.  In addition, each candidate was interviewed and asked questions related to landlord concerns.

All six candidates appeared and we appreciated their open and candid discussion with us.  2017 was the first year in which your Association got active in a local election.  Your Board had considered organizing a Political Action Committee, (PAC), but instead developed a special committee just for the current election because of the high costs associated with a PAC.

The Board considered whether or not to endorse candidates in this year’s election, but decided instead to rate each candidate based on their responses to questions related to important landlord issues.  Items discussed with each candidate were: rental inspection programs; the bonding, licensing, and registration of landlords; a just cause eviction ordinance, Title 18 requirements, etc.

We appreciated that every candidate agreed to meet with us and each candidate indicated their willingness when elected to work with the Landlord Association regarding present and future housing concerns.

We developed a rating system based as follows: 1, indicates their answers met with the greatest approval of the interviewers; 2, their answers represented some concerns; and 3, indicated the interviewing committee had major concerns with some of their responses.

It is important to note that this rating applies only to landlord issues and not to the general qualifications of the candidates themselves.   We ask that you seek further information regarding each candidate and cast your vote for the individual who you believe can best serve the City of Spokane.


Landlord Political Action Committee Rating


Spokane City Council Races


            District 1 NE Spokane                              Tim Benn                  1

                                                                                    Kate Burke                 3


            District 2 South Spokane                    Breean Biggs              3

                                                                                  Andy Dunau                2


            District 3 NW Spokane                            Matthew Howes     1

                                                                                    Candace Mumm      2


     City of Spokane Candidates Forum at LLA’s September 20 Meeting

            During the regular membership meeting, at 6:15 pm, candidates for the Spokane City Council have been invited to appear before our membership to provide background information and discuss issues important to our Association.  Following their brief presentations there will follow a question and answer period so you the member can ask questions of concern to you.

This November’s election, and those who serve on Spokane’s City Council, may significantly impact regulation of rental housing in this area.  Major attempts have been made to empower tenants, which would make more difficult the tasks associated with being a landlord in the City of Spokane.  Your LLA leadership has worked hard by participating in three major task forces dealing with landlord/tenant issues over the past two years.  Our lobbying efforts have been so far successful in forestalling registration, inspections, licensing and bonding requirement attempts.

Study the candidates and vote November 7, 2017!