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Here are a few of the standards. What do you think?
304.14    All units will need to have insect screens in kitchens/bedrooms
305.3      Cracked plaster must be repaired (most of my older homes have some cracks in the plaster)
306.1.1   Fractured  or spalling concrete must be repaired (how many of us have spalling concrete or concrete with a crack after this winter)
3061.1    Fractures in mortar joints or mortar ( very common in house with brick pillars or brick facades.  It does not say failing mortar only fractures)
309.4      Tenant caused pest infestation is the responsibility of both the owner and tenant in a multi unit
404.4     Living room area must be at least 120 sq feet ( So if the living room is 115 will we have to add on to the house to rent it?  Small living rooms are not unheard of in post war homes
404.4.1   Sleeping Room area of 50 sq feet per person (If we turn away a family because the home do not meet this requirement are we open to a discrimination claim)
404.4.3   Water closet available without passing thru a bedroom (Very common in older homes)
404.5      Overcrowding (this chapter may was not completely finished )(This would actually be good for landlords if it did not open us up to discrimination complaints)
605.2      Bedrooms must have 2 outlets  (uncommon but plausible in very old homes built in the 1900’s )
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Standards on the Spokane City Website, click on link below.

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